★★ The official companion app for Marisha Pessl’s new novel, NIGHT FILM ★★ 

★★ Scan select images in NIGHT FILM with the Decoder app to unlock exclusive multimedia content ★★ 

★★ Works with any version of the book -- both print and eBook ★★ 

Brilliant, haunting, breathtakingly suspenseful, NIGHT FILM is a superb literary thriller by the New York Times bestselling author of the blockbuster debut Special Topics in Calamity Physics. 

With the special companion app, you can continue the NIGHT FILM experience while reading the book. Interactive touch points buried throughout the text of the book will unlock extra content on your iOS device. These hidden Easter eggs include: 
• Exclusive audio featuring characters from the book 
• An original unpublished short story from the world of Night Film, "The Personal Diary of Miss Lulu Swallow" 
• Image slideshows 

Tips and Troubleshooting 

1. How to use the app: 
• Install the Night Film Decoder app on your device. 
• Search for the spray-painted bird image in select illustrations throughout NIGHT FILM. When you see it, launch the app on your device and scan the illustration with the rear-facing camera on your device until a Play button appears on the screen. Hint: Not every one hides a secret. 
• Press the Play button and enjoy. 

2. Tips for Issues with Image Scanning 
• Sometimes the app won’t recognize an image until it is in focus. Give your camera a second to focus on the image. You can also double tap your camera screen to help it adjust its focus controls. 
• You do not have to scan the whole image. If you are having trouble getting the app to recognize the image, try moving it closer or further away. 

3. App Support 
• If you experience any problems with the Night Film Decoder app, please e-mail us at